Govt introducing tech in curricula to align new generations with market demand: Fed Secretary

ISLAMABAD, Apr 30 (Alliance News): Federal Secretary of Ministry of Education and Professional Training, Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani Tuesday said that the government was introducing technology in the curriculum to align the new generation with the demands of present era.
He was addressing the “STEM Mela 2024” organized under the project “STEM Pakistan Policy Unit” to provide access to science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to secondary school girls under the Federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training.
“We are bringing technology into our curriculum so that our new generation can also understand technology in time and be in line with the modern requirements of the present,” he said.


The federal secretary said that the government was making every effort to bring out-of-school children into schools, adding “We want every child to get education and contribute to the development of the country.”

New Tell Pakistan CEO Wahaj Siraj advised the students to make their hobby their profession, maintain their character, be a problem solver, and ask questions to clarify matters.
Thousands of female students from the federal capital participated in the Mela  on the day when Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif declared an educational emergency to promote education in the country and learned how their education should be.
One of the objectives of this fair was also to appreciate the schools, school heads, teachers and students who had actively participated in the STEM Pakistan program in the previous academic year.
The STEM Pakistan program has now expanded to over 4,000 public schools across the country, with over 3500,000 students enrolled.


The program aims to engage students in hands-on activities in classrooms and provide them with a better learning environment. The program is also being implemented in over 200 middle and high schools of the Federal Directorate of Education.

More than 1200 children and 250 teachers participated in the fair. They participated in quiz game shows, treasure hunts, art activities, science shows, and other activities.
Science shows, mathematics, astronomy and biology learning zones were set up for the students. Guidance sessions and professional development workshops were conducted by the guests.
The Mela was a fun and educational experience for the students, encouraging them to take an interest in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEM) subjects.
It reflects the government’s commitment to improving education in Pakistan. The government is working to promote STEM education to help students learn 21st century skills.


The government needs to continue its efforts to promote STEM education. It needs to invest in teacher training, infrastructure, and providing opportunities for students.