GECF signs two MoUs to enhance energy cooperation in Africa and Asia, on the sidelines of the 7th GECF Summit

By Mudassar Iqbal-APP
Algiers, Algeria, Mar 2 (Alliance News):The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) is proud to announce the signing of two pivotal Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs): first, with the African Energy Commission (AFREC), and, second, with the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA).
The partnerships with AFREC and ERIA will involve sharing expertise, conducting joint research, and organising workshops in the energy sector with a view to promote sustainable development and technological advancements in Africa and East and Southeast Asia.
The MoU between GECF and AFREC represents a significant step towards reducing energy poverty and enhancing energy security in Africa, aligning with both parties’ goals of promoting sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development.
The GECF and AFREC are committed to working closely to execute the outlined activities and share experiences and best practices in the energy sector. The collaboration will encompass joint activities in energy market analysis, data and information, technology advancement, and strategies for energy system decarbonisation.


HE Eng. Mohamed Hamel, Secretary General of the GECF, stated that ‘substantial investment in both the upstream and downstream segments of the natural gas industry is necessary in Africa and financing shall be facilitated’, in order to enhance socio-economic development and regional integration. H.E. Dr Amani Abou-Zeid, African Union Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy emphasised that natural gas will be an integral part of Africa’s short and medium-term energy development endeavours underscoring, “We believe that by leveraging natural gas to increase energy access, we can improve the lives of millions of people who currently lack access to electricity. By unleashing the potential of natural gas in Africa, we can drive sustainable development, enhance energy security, and contribute to global efforts to combat climate change. This is why the AU is happy to work with the GECF.”

The MoU between GECF and ERIA represents the commitment of both parties to enhance cooperation and collaboration, with a shared objective of promoting sustainable, secure, equitable and environmentally responsible development in the energy sector.

This partnership will be characterised by the exchange of information and data, sharing of knowledge and best practices, as well as the organisation of joint workshops and development of collaborative studies.
These concerted efforts aim to drive the advancement of modern technologies within the natural gas industry, while also supporting the economic integration process in ASEAN and East Asia. Through this collaboration, the GECF and ERIA seek to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).
HE Hamel also emphasised that, “the GECF recognises the pivotal role of natural gas in achieving the UN SDGs, particularly Goal #7”. Professor Jun Arima, Senior Policy Fellow for Energy and Environment, the representative of ERIA, emphasized ERIA’s key insights on energy transition towards decarbonization in ASEAN, which include the significant of diverse decarbonization pathways and technology combination and the role played by fuel switching from coal-fired power plants to efficient gas fired plants.
The GECF is keen on enhancing collaborative efforts with both organisations, AFREC and ERIA, representing two regions of significant importance to the global natural gas market. Moreover, these collaborations signify GECF’s dedication to advancing energy solutions and promoting sustainable development in these dynamic regions.__APP