USAID and Pakistani Universities Collaborate to Strengthen Student Support Services

ISLAMABAD, Jul 8 (Alliance News): The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Pakistani universities are working together to improve support services for students.

The goal is to equip students with essential skills to succeed in today’s competitive global environment.

The 3rd annual summit, organized by USAID’s Higher Education System Strengthening Activity (HESSA), brought together over 100 officials and faculty from 16 Pakistani universities.

The event highlighted the strong partnership between the US and Pakistan, committed to enhancing access to quality higher education for all Pakistanis.

Prof. Dr. Bushra Mirza, Member (R&D) of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, emphasized the importance of fostering student belonging and empowerment. USAID Deputy Mission Director, Maura O’Brien, stressed the importance of soft skills in preparing students for the modern workforce.

The summit covered six key areas: financial aid, student leadership, microenterprises, career readiness, alumni engagement, and mental health. The US is committed to strengthening higher education in Pakistan, empowering all Pakistanis through quality education.”