Practical steps needed to bring out-of-school children back to school: Muslim Hands

By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, May 09 (Alliance News): Muslim Hands Executive Director/Global Director Javed Gilani emphasized on practical steps to bring out-of-school children back to school.

He said that the Government of Pakistan and development partners including Muslim Hands, Alliance Good Governance Foundation and others have declared an #EducationEmergency in the country which bodes well for the future of the country.

He said Pakistan was facing a severe learning crisis, with more than 40 percent of children out of school and many more under-educated. He further said that this crisis hinders economic development and perpetuates poverty and inequality.

Appreciating the government’s decision to declare an education emergency in Pakistan, he said it was time to take concrete steps to address the problems of out-of-school children.

Education Emergency in Pakistan: A Call to Action says Javed Gilani

He said that we appeal to the international community to support us in solving this critical problem.

He proposed a road map to end the challenge of out-of-school children and said that together we can do the following,

1. Increase access to #quality education for all, especially girls and marginalized communities.

2. Improve the quality of teaching and learning.
3. Strengthening education infrastructure and resources.
4. # Promote inclusive and # equitable education policies.

He said that Muslim Hand strongly recommends the following measures to the Government of Pakistan:

1. Increase #nationalbudgetaryallocationforeducation.
2. Implement #reforms to enhance educational governance and accountability.
3. #Support teacher training and development programs.
4. Encourage private sector investment in education.

We at MuslimHands also call on the #world to #support Pakistan’s education emergency by:

1. #Providing financial support and expertise.
2. Sharing best practices and #innovative solutions.
3. #Advocacy of education as a basic human right.
4. To support efforts to build a more educated, peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

Together, we can ensure that every Pakistani #child receives a quality #education and reaches their #potential.

Earlier, addressing an educational conference British High Commissioner Jean Marriott said that no country in the world has more children out of school than Pakistan.

Jean Marriott, the British High Commissioner posted in Pakistan, says that there are not as many children out of school in any country in the world as there are in Pakistan.

An educational conference was held in Islamabad in which Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and British High Commissioner Jean Marriott and others participated.

Speaking on the occasion, British High Commissioner Jane Marriott said that Pakistan is facing an education crisis, most children in Pakistan are out of school.

He said that there are not so many children out of school in any country in the world as there are in Pakistan, the importance of education in combating poverty is fundamental.

Apart from this, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said in his address that no nation can develop without education, the nation has the ability to overcome any challenge with its determination and courage.