462 social media accounts involved in spreading hatred closed

ISLAMABAD, Mar 20 (Alliance News):Responding to the special directions of Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO) Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, the Violent Extremism Prevention Unit of Islamabad Capital Police intensified its crackdown on social media platforms to combat the spread of religious, sectarian, ethnic hatred and propaganda against country.
The Violent Extremism Prevention Unit thoroughly monitored social media and traced 1522 accounts of Twitter, Facebook and other platforms involved in such activities and wrote a letter to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) urging the closure of those accounts among which 462 accounts have been blocked, a public relations officer on Wednesday said


In this regard, 65 accounts were found involved in religious hatred, 47 in propaganda against the country, 350 accounts were involved in spreading terrorism content. Moreover, the remaining 1,060 social media accounts will also be closed soon.

ICCPO Dr Akbar Nasir Khan said that, preventing extremism helps in countering terrorism and making the security of the federal capital more effective.


He further said that, to counter extremism the teams of the Islamabad Capital Police regularly engage with various educational institutions and madrasas, and the sermons in the masjids are also reviewed.

Similarly, on social media and other websites this unit reviews political, linguistic, religious extremist content and prepares reports along with identifying the criminal activities, upon which legal action is taken.
The citizens were urged to refrain from engaging in such activities legal actions will also be taken against those involved in such negative activities, citizens should report any such activities on “Pucar-15” or at “ICT” 15- App.