Expert advises islooiites to increase water intake, stay away from green areas ahead of pollen season

ISLAMABAD, Feb 26 (Alliance News): Medical experts on Monday asked the pollen allergy patients of the federal capital to take all necessary preventive measures including increased water intake and staying away from green areas as pollen count rises in March posing a threat to people with allergies.

Allergy specialist Dr. Umar Saeed said that with the onset of spring, people living in capital city can suffer from pollen allergy, however Asthma and other allergic patients should
immediately start taking timely precautions to reduce exposure to pollen.

People should wear a face mask that completely covers their mouth and nose, keep windows and door closed, especially at dawn and dusk to avoid letting pollen in and avoid going out during this time, he suggested.

The pollen allergy season usually begins from March, he said, adding, the increase in pollen levels can be dangerous for respiratory, asthma, diabetic and high blood pressure patients.

He said people should get flu vaccines, use masks, wash hands frequently and keep a distance from flu patients.

Replying a question, he said pollen is in low concentration from 10am to around 5pm and in high concentration from 5am to 10am and again from around 5pm to midnight.

The citizens sensitive to the pollen allergy must stay indoors before 10am and after 5pm during the pollen season and if they have to go outdoors they must wear face mask, he added.

Citizens should also take a balanced diet, plenty of water and sleep for six to eight hours daily. They should visit their physicians as soon they find any symptoms, he mentioned.
To another query, he replied that after returning home from outside, the residents should also change their dress and have a shower to ensure that the pollen on the body are washed away.

Moreover he stated that citizens should limit close contact with pets that spend a lot of time outdoors as their dander can aggravate allergy symptoms.

He advised taking care of cleanliness of rooms and taking out carpets and other linens that can catch dust or if necessary covering them with clean clothing.

He said that most of the pollen that causes allergic reactions comes from trees, weeds and grass.