Mental health is indispensable for socio-economic development: Speakers

By Shabbir Hussain

ISLAMABAD, June 26( Alliance News): Meri Pehchan Welfare Foundation has organized a seminar on mental health and wellness at a local hotel.

The initiative aims to make people aware of good health and its is important in our daily lives and professional development.

Ms. Shahida Naveed, President of Meri Pehchan Welfare Foundation, while delivering her welcome speech at the seminar, explained the objectives and vision of the organization.

Ms. Shahida Naveed said that Meri Pehchan Welfare Foundation is a Lahore-based non-governmental organization (NGO) working for the socio-economic development of the society with the aim of helping the weaker sections by providing various facilities through this platform. These include free education, skill development, free health care.

Meri Pehchan Welfare Foundation was created to operate on national level and provide humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable and needy segments of society. Meri Pehchan are dealing with real-life problems and trying to find innovative and effective solutions to lift Pakistan out of these challenges.

Meri Pechan’s Health Care that offers a range of free medical services and affordable healthcare options to low-income families, uninsured individuals, and under-served communities in Pakistan. Like health camps in remote areas, mobile clinics and community clinics that provide essential healthcare services at subsidized and reduced rates, she said.

As a charitable healthcare organization, Meri Pechan is committed to improving access to healthcare for all. It offers free health screenings and outreach programs that promote health education and advocacy. The program also provides medical assistance programs that offer access to free prescription drugs and medical equipment and supplies.

Addressing the event as a Chief Guest, Sardar Sami Ullah Khan, Deputy Secretary, MINISTRY OF NARCOTICS CONTROL said Pakistan is a country with many challenges like high inflation and growing poverty which is the biggest hindrance to the functioning of a better society.

Socio-economic problems and their devastating effects on the entire society have increased manifold over the years. Unfortunately, he said the political and civil service institutions seem ineffective and incompetent to deal with these challenges.

Appreciating the role of Meri Pehchan Welfare Foundation Sardar Sami Ullah Khan said being a non-profit organization, committed to serve humanity especially vulnerable and marginalized segments of the society without any discrimination to contribute to their well-being, health, education, financial sustainability, livelihood, and other aspects of life is commendable.

Key note Speaker, Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology, National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS)Dr. Sajid Iqbal Alyana said that mental illness is caused by evil spirits or supernatural forces.

He said that mental diseases are somehow incurable and mental diseases arise due to weak will power.

He said that timely marriage can help in the treatment of mental diseases. Mental patients belong to hospitals.

People with mental illness can never function as productively or normally as normal people.

Mentally ill people have weak characters because they cannot cope with the world like the rest of us. Once a psychopath, always a psychopath. Children do not suffer from mental illness.

Mental health disorders are the result of parenting disorders; Mental illnesses are contagious. Attempting suicide is a sign of cowardice. Mental patients are violent and dangerous.

Mariam Khan, founder and CEO of NeuroNurture shared a presentation with the seminar audience, explaining how one can embrace mental health and how one can keep oneself healthy.

Speakers including Mehmood Ejaz Butt, Jamshed Sultan, Deputy Director Controller PTV World, Ms. Tahseen Fawad, Senior Politicians, Ms. Farzana Nadeem and Ms. Tanzeela also addressed the event.

Concluding the session, Famous Consultant Urologist and Transplant Surgeon of Jinnah Hospital Prof Dr Naveed Iqbal thanked the participants, honorable speakers and pay tribute to the President Meri Pehchan welfare Foundation Ms Shahida to organized a seminar on the mental health and well being.