Pollen Surge Concerns Mount for Allergy Sufferers in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, Mar 25 (Alliance News):The pollen and mold ratio has surged this year compared to previous years in Islamabad, said a recent reports by Pakistan Meteorological Department.
The measurements, crucial for allergy sufferers, indicate a significant increase in airborne allergens from trees, grass, weeds, and molds in the region. Using a Burkhard sampler that operates continuously for 24 hours, pollen and mold spores are collected and analyzed on slides by experts to determine their quantity and type. The severity of pollen and mold counts is measured in grains per cubic meter, with each type of pollen assigned a severity level based on its concentration found on the slide.

Today’s readings reveal a notably high pollen ratio in the city, with Paper Mulberry registering at 45,103, which is categorized as “very high” on the severity scale. Pine, Grass, Cannabis, and Alternaria are also notably elevated at 22, 24, 25, and 27 respectively, contributing to a total ratio of 45,201.
The interpretation of pollen and mold counts and their correlation with allergy symptoms is complex, with symptoms varying among individuals and at different levels of pollen and mold concentrations. Weather conditions further complicate the situation, as allergy sufferers often find relief on rainy, cloudy, or windless days due to limited pollen movement. Conversely, hot, dry, and windy conditions lead to higher pollen and mold concentrations, exacerbating allergy symptoms.

Individuals sensitive to these allergens need to be vigilant, as even small concentrations can trigger symptoms. Extremely sensitive individuals may experience severe reactions.
The findings underscore the need for allergy sufferers to take necessary precautions and consult healthcare professionals for appropriate management strategies. As the pollen season progresses, continued monitoring of pollen counts and weather conditions will be essential for mitigating allergic reactions in the affected population.