Excise deptt brings vehicle registration, essential services to Fatima Jinnah park

ISLAMABAD, Jun 24 (Alliance News):The Excise Department will be setting up a mobile facility at Fatima Jinnah park in the federal capital on Monday, in a bid to made essential services more accessible.
This initiative is part of the ICT Doorstep initiative, said the spokesman of Islamabad Capital Territory Administration.

He said that from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., excise staff would be stationed at the park’s parking lot of Bolan Gate to assist residents with various civic needs.

Residents of the surrounding areas could visit the park to take advantage of these services through a dedicated van, he added.
This mobile unit aimed to simplify the process for obtaining fuel permits, whether for domestic or commercial use, and to facilitate seamless motor vehicle registration.
The on-ground service would make these processes quick and straightforward.
He said that the initiative was designed to streamline vehicle-related procedures such as registration, transfer, and token tax payment. Beyond these, the mobile facilitation center will offer additional services including the issuance of domicile certificates, birth certificates, power of attorney documents, international driving permits, and fuel permits for both domestic and commercial purposes.

By bringing these services directly to the community, the ICT aimed to ease the public’s access to essential civic facilities and reduce the need for multiple trips to government offices.