May 9 incidents – a biggest conspiracy against Pakistan’s integrity, development: Atta Tarar

ISLAMABAD, May 08 (Alliance News):Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Attaullah Tarar on Wednesday said the May 9 tragic incidents were the biggest conspiracy orchestrated to disrupt the country’s development, and harm its defence and integrity.
Addressing a press conference, he strongly condemned the attacks on military installations and defiling of martyrs’ memorials on May 9 last year – the darkest day in the history of Pakistan.

Such a tragedy had never ever been witnessed that was aimed to weaken the country, he added.

Atta Tarar said the authorities concerned had irrefutable evidence against the perpetrators of May 9 incidents, and their  faces would be exposed before the public.
“The May 9 events were systematically planned to undermine the country’s defence,” he added.
The vandalism and arson at the defence installations and dishonouring of the martyrs’ memorials were the heinous crimes that the enemies of Pakistan had never dared to even think of, the minister said.
Atta Tarar said there should be a public debate on what punishment had been given to the perpetrators so far, calling for a strict action against them to set an example for future deterrence.



The Information Minister said no political party in the country had ever compromised the national integrity as it was done by a group of miscreants who attacked the country on May 9 and created unrest for their political and personal gains.
The May 9 incidents were in fact aimed at weakening Pakistan internally and externally, he added.
“The events of May 9 were systematically planned to undermine the country’s defence,” he added.
The minister said in the recent past, the Pakistan Air Force pilots had brought down two Indian aircraft for their intrusion into Pakistani air space. Likewise, those who had attacked the defence installations on May 9 must also be taken to task, he stressed.



He regretted that unfortunately the miscreants even did not spare the memorial of Captain Colonel Sher Khan Shaheed – a thorough professional soldier who was even admired by an Indian brigadier for his bravery,  and set it on fire.
“The Indian brigadier despite being an enemy praised Colonel Sher Khan Shaheed for his bravery, valour and courage, which, he said, must be recognized by his country.”
The miscreants vandalized the memorials of martyrs across the country for their petty interests, he added.
“You could take out a procession to raise voice for your grievances, if any, but the objective of those involved in the May 9 incidents was not to protest but to spread chaos and anarchy in the country,” he added.
He said the picture of Sarfar Saddique was defaced and the memorial of Colonel Sher Khan Shaheed was by the miscreants defiled for political gains.
“I visited Swabi to tender an apology to Anwar Lala, the brother of Colonel Sher Khan. I told him that I was there to apologize on behalf of the entire nation” he added.



He said that a malicious campaign was launched on the crash of an Army chopper in Balochistan.
The minister recalled that a fighter aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force was also damaged in Mianwali on May 9.
He said the PAF was known for its bravery the world over. Its legendary war her MM Aalim is even today remembered internationally for downing nine Indian aircraft within no time.
Such memorials of such national heroes were desecrated on May 9 and that tragedy would never be allowed to be repeated, he vowed.
He said that besides the personnel of armed forces, the common people of Pakistan had also given unmatched sacrifices in the war against terrorism.
The minister said that in the viral videos, it could be seen how the leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had provoked the party workers to attack the government and defence installations.
“We are ready to sacrifice every thing for the sake of Pakistan.  The country comes first. It will remain forever as it had come into being after the sacrifices of the people.”



The minister reiterated that the cases of those involved in the May 9 incidents should have reached their logical conclusion with strict punishments.
He said the attackers of Capitol Hill in the United States were punished with in no time. However, the perpetrators of May 9 incidents had not reached to logical conclusion despite having all the evidences, he added.
He said “We have to tell the youth that our survival is linked with the country’s integrity and solidarity, and that is why we have to reject the politics of chaos and forge unity among our ranks.”
The minister said that the country’s economy was now taking off as all the economic indicators were on upward trajectory. All the international financial institutions were making positive predictions about Pakistan’s economy.
He said that there was “historical cooperation” with Saudi Arabia and China, as international leaders were visiting Pakistan.
“Pakistan is now being recognized at international forums,” he added.
The minister said keeping in view the incidents of 9th May 2023, a special meeting of the Federal Cabinet has been called on Thursday, which would be addressed by the prime minister.
The leadership of political parties, including the Pakistan Peoples Party, Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party, National Party, Pakistan Muslim League-Q and Muttahida Qaumi Movement had been specially invited to attend the meeting, he added.
The prime minister would also address a gathering in the connection with the May 9 tragedy in the evening at the Convention Center, the minister said.