Saudi Plane’s Landing Gear Catches Fire at BKIA

ISLAMABAD, July 11 (Alliance News): A Saudi Arabian passenger plane experienced a frightening incident when its landing gear caught fire shortly after touching down at Bacha Khan International Airport (BKIA) in Peshawar.

The Civil Aviation Authority reported that flames broke out in the left landing gear of Saudi Flight 792 immediately after it landed from Riyadh. Air Traffic Control quickly alerted firefighting and rescue teams upon seeing sparks and smoke from the plane’s undercarriage.

Firefighters and rescue workers promptly responded, managing to extinguish the fire after concerted efforts. Their swift action prevented a potentially major accident. Fortunately, all 276 passengers and 21 crew members safely evacuated the plane using inflatable slides.

The flight had completed its journey from Riyadh to BKIA Peshawar, where the incident occurred. Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire to ensure the safety of future flights.