No country aspires to achieve progress sans public participation: President

ISLAMABAD, Feb 17 (Alliance News):President Dr Arif Alvi on Saturday said that no country could aspire to attain progress and prosperity without the participation of its people and Pakistan being the fifth populous country in the world, possessed immense potential to excel in every field of life.
Addressing an awards distribution ceremony of the annual Invitational Golf Tournament held at Margalla Greens Golf Club, the president said that the people were a vital driving force for making contributions to the overall progress of a country.
No country aspires to achieve progress sans public participation: President
“About 250 million people of Pakistan with their collective efforts can make a difference; they can transform and rebuild Pakistan by utilizing their potential and intellect,” he observed.
Under the ‘Sports Diplomacy’ initiative, Serena Hotels hosted the tournament in collaboration with the Margalla Greens Golf Club. A number of golfers, diplomats and sports buffs attended the event.

In his address, President Alvi further underscored the significance of promoting active lifestyles and outdoor pursuits, emphasizing the positive impact on national well-being and the betterment of communities.
No country aspires to achieve progress sans public participation: President
Congratulating the organizers, he said that the event was enjoyable amidst the natural verdant atmosphere.
He observed that due to the modern lifestyle, people were accustomed to the latest facilities and moving away from hectic physical activities which were not beneficial for health.

The human body responds to different exercises daily and they continue to decline with the passage of age, if no proper physical activity was adopted, he added.
The president further said that during Covid 19, Pakistan emerged as the third most successful performing country in the world due to the collective efforts by all the institutions and compilation of data.
He said that precedent could be taken as a guiding event that could help overcome different issues being faced by the country, adding that about 26 million children were out of school besides, the numerous issues of malnutrition and stunting being faced in the health sector.
The president stressed that Pakistan should also learn from the experiences of different developed countries that wade through diverse challenges.

“Things in Pakistan will turn around, I have firm belief as the people have huge potential,” he opined.
Speaking on the occasion, CEO Serena Hotels Aziz Boolani said that they would continue to utilize sports as a platform to connect with people from different segments of society to foster stronger relationships and cultivate a spirit of teamwork.
In the closing ceremony, the president gave away prizes to the winners and runners-up across all four categories.
No country aspires to achieve progress sans public participation: President
Golfers from a diverse range of categories, including diplomatic, government, and armed forces officials, corporations, and women participated in the event.
With approximately 110 golfers in attendance, including a notable contingent of women players, the competition showcased an impressive display of skill and technique across the course.