Azam Nazir Tarar assesses prices, facilities at utility store

LAHORE, Mar 25 (Alliance News):Federal Minister for Law and Justice, Azam Nazir Tarar, conducted a thorough inspection of a utility store in the provincial capital on Monday, focusing on product quality, facilities, and sales mechanisms.
During his visit, Minister Tarar diligently observed the sales activity, assessed the availability of facilities, and scrutinized the stock of discounted products.

Engaging with store staff, Minister Tarar inquired about any existing challenges and checked the rate list to ensure transparency.

Speaking to the media, he emphasized the government’s commitment to prioritizing economic improvement, citing Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s leadership as pivotal to the nation’s economic progress.
Minister Tarar underscored the government’s dedication to providing essential facilities, highlighting the announcement of the largest Ramadan package in the country’s history. He elaborated on the inclusivity of the package, emphasizing special discounted rates for both Benazir Income Support Program beneficiaries and the general public.

During the visit, utility store staff presented a comparative analysis of prices, reassuring the Minister that essential items such as ghee and sugar are being offered at affordable rates – Rs. 335 per kilogram for ghee and Rs. 109 per kilogram for sugar.
Additionally, they assured special arrangements for BISP beneficiaries. Furthermore, Minister Tarar personally examined the quality of pulses and other food items available at utility stores, gathering feedback on their pricing to ensure accessibility and affordability for all citizens.