CDA taking steps to ensure uninterpted water supply in city

ISLAMABAD, Feb 19 (Alliance News):The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is working on multiple projects to meet the acute shortage of water in the city of Islamabad in the summer.
The water supply department has started the annual cleaning work of Khanpur Canal which will be completed by the end of this month. Since water is supplied from Khanpur to the residents of Sectors G-10, G-11, F-10, F-11, and D-12 of Islamabad, and due to the annual cleaning campaign of Khanpur Canal, the water supply should be reduced by 50 percent in these sectors.
The shortage of water in these sectors will be fulfilled by Sangjani Water Works including Simli Dam. However, to ensure an uninterrupted water supply to the residents before the arrival of summer, the cleaning work of the canal will be completed by the end of this month. After which, water supply will be restored in the said sectors as per schedule.
It should be noted that due to the lack of sufficient rains in monsoon and winter, the water level in the dams has become very low. Due to the lack of required rains, the amount of water in Khanpur Dam has reduced to 21 percent and in Simli Dam to 50 percent. That is, 80 percent in Khanpur Dam and 50 percent in Simli Dam have been reduced.
The Water Supply Wing has reduced the supply of water from Khanpur Dam by 60 percent, which means that instead of 10 million gallons, only four million gallons of water is being received daily.
Moreover, during the cleaning campaign of Khanpur Canal, the tanker service was also alerted in the said sectors so that timely solving of the received complaints is possible in all circumstances.
Residents of said sectors can also avail water tanker service by calling: (051)9106580. Similarly, in view of the facilities of the citizens, the Water Supply Wing has also issued a helpline number: 03357775444 so that all possible facilities can be provided to the citizens.
On this occasion, the administration CDA while appreciating the steps taken by the water supply department, has asked that the steps taken for uninterrupted supply of water in the city should be accelerated.
The Water Supply Department of the CDA has also appealed to the citizens to be careful in using water and avoid wastage of water so that maximum water can be used by the citizens.