Dr. Shahzad urges political parties to contest upcoming elections on manifesto

ISLAMABAD, Jan 2 (Alliance News): Opposition leader in Senate Dr. Shahzad Waseem has urged political parties to contest the upcoming elections based on a manifesto focused on public welfare.
Speaking during a session in the Senate, he emphasized the need for unity among political parties to address the challenges being faced by the country.
Dr. Shahzad Waseem also called for economic stability and the continuity of policies beneficial to the country.
He advocated for a level playing field in the upcoming elections, stressing that political parties should be allowed to run their campaigns independently.
The opposition leader urged for ensuring a secure environment for political parties to conduct their election campaigns.
He highlighted past incidents, including the killings of political leaders like Benazir Bhutto and ANP leaders during previous election campaigns.
Dr. Shahzad Waseem calling for a free, fair, and transparent election, emphasized the importance of respecting differences of opinion as a characteristic of democracy.