DRO navigating election etiquettes, Candidates, officials gear Up for 2024 polls

ISLAMABAD, Jan 04 (Alliance News): In a crucial step towards ensuring fair play in the upcoming 2024 General Election, the District Returning Officer (DRO) and District Monitoring Officer (DMO) spearheaded a pivotal meeting to launch a awareness campaign and briefing for candidates regarding election code of conduct.

The gathering, which included Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs), served as a platform to instill a clear understanding of the Code of Conduct among all stakeholders, ICT spokesman Dr Abdullah Tabasum said while talking to APP on Thursday.



He said that with the spotlight on transparency and accountability, the meeting boasted the presence of all three candidates vying for a seat in the National Assembly (NA).

The candidates were meticulously briefed on the intricacies of the election code of conduct, setting the tone for a fair and ethical electoral process.

The heart of the discussion revolved around the campaign dynamics, where candidates received invaluable insights to navigate the nuanced landscape of political canvassing.

Emphasizing the need for adherence to guidelines, the meeting shed light on the responsibilities entrusted upon the DRO, DMO, and the candidates themselves, he added.

One standout directive issued was the requirement for candidates to secure prior permission from the DRO office before organizing rallies.

This strategic move aimed to streamline the process, ensuring that public gatherings align with the guidelines set forth for a seamless and controlled electoral environment.

He said that furthermore, candidates were cautioned against making announcements related to campaign development projects during briefings. This precautionary measure aimed to foster an environment where the focus remained on conveying policies and engaging with voters, rather than diverting attention towards potential project promises.

As the election fervor gains momentum, the significance of these guidelines cannot be overstated. The meeting served as a crucial milestone, equipping candidates with the knowledge necessary to conduct a campaign that not only resonated with the electorate but also adhered to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

In the pursuit of a democratic process that stands the test of scrutiny, the meeting underscored the shared responsibility of all participants by instilling a sense of accountability and transparency, the 2024 General Election is poised to be a testament to the integrity of the democratic values.