First Islamic countries’ fashion, beauty industries festival in Istanbul from May 18

ISLAMABAD, Feb 19 (Alliance News): The first international festival of fashion, clothing, and beauty industries of Islamic countries is scheduled to be held from May 18 to 20, 2024 in Istanbul, Turkiye.

To be held at Nisantai University in Istanbul, the festival will consist of educational, scientific, exhibition and competition for professionals, students and professors.



The festival will be held in collaboration with the Economic Cooperation Organisation Cultural Institute (ECI) of Tehran, according to an official document.

As per the official website of the festival, the event aims to attract domestic and foreign investments, especially from Islamic countries.

It said that famous global brands have shown interest in the growing market of Islamic fashion and have invested significant capital and planning to capture this market.

Turkey, due to its concentrated efforts in fashion, clothing, and beauty, both in the educational and advanced studies process and in the production and export of related products, is currently the hub of activities in this field and the largest spender in the field of Islamic fashion and clothing.

Those interested in participating in the international event may register themselves at