ICP strengthens security measures in Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD, Mar 1 (Alliance News):In response to the directions of Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO) Dr Akbar Nasir, the security of the federal capital Islamabad has been strengthened in order to deal with any untoward situation and Section 144 has been imposed, prohibiting demonstrations and any gatherings within Islamabad.
Moreover, no political activities are allowed in the Federal Capital, and only individuals with invitations were permitted to go towards Parliament House. The invitees were also directed to verify their invitations for the National Assembly session before arrival, as some invitations have been canceled, a public relations officer on Friday said.

Additionally, SSP Operations need to be requested for any activity in the High-Security Zone. While strict monitoring of all matters is being carried out from the Safe City. He further said that legal action will be taken against those engaging in any unlawful activities.
Islamabad Capital Police is taking all possible measures to ensure the safety of citizens’ lives and property. The citizens are urged to cooperate with the police and report any information about suspicious items or activities to the relevant police station or call “Pucar-15” or at ICT-15 app.