MD APP inaugurates innovative Youth Media Training Program, 3D Virtual Studio

ISLAMABAD, Feb 02 (Alliance News): Managing Director of the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), Muhammad Asim Khichi here on Thursday officially inaugurated the Youth Media Training Programme and 3D virtual studio at the APP headquarters.

Speaking on the occasion, the MD remarked that there was currently no institution providing practical training for media graduates.

He highlighted that students often possessed theoretical knowledge but lacked practical experience, and most media organizations required students to have prior experience before offering them job opportunities.

He expressed that the nation was home to talented students, emphasizing the importance of providing them with fundamental techniques.

Asim Khichi encouraged students to become all rounders proficient in various fields such as reporting, non-linear editing (NLE), graphic design, photography, and more, enabling them to be self-sufficient following completion of their training.

He said that the objective behind start of training program was to polish skills of media students so that they could earn for their families on completion of training.

The MD said that the training program would offer an unparalleled opportunity to acquire hands-on expertise in key facets of media, shaping the next generation of media industry leaders. Earlier, Additional Director of Video News Service (VNS) and Incharge Youth Media Training Programme, Yawar Abbas said that the managing director had assigned the VNS staff the responsibility of providing free training to media graduate students.

A total of 500 students applied for the training, and out of them, 30 were selected for a three-month unpaid
training program that started on January 15. Regarding the virtual studio, Yawar mentioned that three such studio sets were already established, and there were plans to establish additional 10 more 3D virtual studio sets.

He informed that youth media training program was planned to empower youth with the skills and knowledge essential for success in the dynamic world of media and shaping the future of media excellence. Youth Media Training Program is a premier initiative tailored for students of journalism and media. With this training program, students can seize a chance to propel their media career to new heights.

The training offers Tv News Reporting, Editing and Production, Making Video News Stories & Packages, Documentary Shooting, Bulletin Making/ Production Process of News & Talk Shows, Camera Operating, Live Coverage, Video Camera Systems (VSC), NLE (Non-Linear Editing), Video Graphics Packaging, Audio Editing & Sound Designing, Tv Interview Skills, Studio Work, News Casting, Anchor Person and Social/Digital Media.

The training module was planned and now will run by APP’s Video News Service (VNS) with its professional team members and state-of-the-art equipment. The MD, along with students and staff, joined in cutting the celebratory cake.