Minister urges society to play role in polio eradication, importance of family planning

ISLAMABAD, Jan 5 (Alliance News):Caretaker Federal Minister for Health Dr Nadeem Jan Friday emphasized the necessity of raising awareness about family planning-related myths among the rural population and called upon every section of society to play its due role in the complete eradication of poliovirus.
Talking to a private news channel, he said that every government was playing its top-level commitment and thoroughly engaged in various national polio drives where it is immunizing children under five in the country against the paralyzing poliovirus.

“Every child has the right to live life free from the threat of disability caused by polio and we will not rest until all children are safe from it,” Dr Jan said.
  Minister also urged that scholars, educators, media, and civil society should create more awarness for importance of  family planning, adding, government needs the help of Islamic scholars to convince the public.
Replying to a query about the upcoming ‘Global Health Security Summit in Islamabad’ which will officially be inaugurated from January 10th to 11th said that moot would serve as a great opportunity of bringing together international and national experts to share expertise and knowledge for a safer world.
He said that around 70 countries’ experts and intellectuals will participate in the summit, adding, over fifty other ambassadors from various countries will also be part of this moot.
He said first time Pakistan is hosting an international health conference to address pandemic-related issues which would present a positive image of Pakistan and prove that the country could play a key role in the health sector.
He said national and international experts are taking part in the summit, adding, summit will discuss global pandemic planning responses and its facility for low-and middle-income countries to prevent disproportionate utilization of vaccines between the first and third world. He said effective measures were also being taken to increase the capacity of health sector.
To another question, minister said that there is a great deal that Pakistan can contribute to the knowledge and experience of the global community in the fight against pandemics.