Most districts of KP hit by heavy fog

PESHAWAR, Jan 04 (Alliance News):Most districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) including Peshawar, are hit by heavy fog all around with people facing difficulties especially those reporting to their respective offices by 8.00 a.m. as the visibility is recorded zero.

“In the city of Peshawar, early morning fog reigns, visibility is low and due to fog in Peshawar, citizens are advised to use fog glasses. It has also confirmed that the M1 Motorway from Peshawar to Rishkai and Burhan Interchange is closed due to heavy fog,” Motorway officials said.



“The Swat Express Motorway has been temporarily closed due to fog,” Motorway officials confirmed.

“Weather in Peshawar has become colder due to fog,” Meteorological Department officials said here Thursday.

“He said the minimum temperature of Peshawar city is 5 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature is 13 degrees Celsius. The humidity level in the city of Peshawar is a record 81 percent,” Meteorological Department officials said.