Solangi regrets ‘false & baseless’ claims made by BBC journalist about interview

ISLAMABAD, Feb 19 (Alliance News): Caretaker Minister for Information, Broadcasting and Parliamentary Affairs Murtaza Solangi on Monday regretted the “false and baseless” claims made by a journalist of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) regarding an appointment for interview.

“I am no stranger to giving an interview to the media as I have been appearing on numerous local and international TV channels since assuming the charge of caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting,” Solangi said while speaking in the talk show of a private news channel.



He said that the BBC journalist had not been called for an interview and his claims regarding appointment in that regard were “false and baseless”.

The minister said that the journalist tried to give an impression that he was given an appointment for the interview, though he himself confirmed otherwise. He could be heard in the video that he was not given time for the interview.

Entering in anyone’s jurisdiction without permission and that too with a camera could not be allowed, he added.

“There is evidence of the conversation with the journalist concerned,” the minister said, regretting that he told a lie to the security staff about the interview.

No action had been taken against the journalist despite such an uncalled for behaviour, the minister said.

Solangi said the BBC should also review its “behaviour” as it was not expected of an institution like it to release such footage.

To a query, he said there was no political uncertainty in the country. There was a split mandate and no political party was in a situation to form a government on its own, he said, adding talks among the parties were underway to form a government.

He said the National Assembly session could be called by February 29.

In response to another question, he said the government when formed would complete its tenure.

As far as protests were concerned, he said complaints were heard after every election. “There are relevant forums including the Election Commission for registering the complaints.”

Many people including those in other countries did not know the exact role of a commissioner in the elections, he said, adding some elements were bent upon creating uncertainty in the country.