5 climbers succeed in summiting ‘Keto’, one adventurer dies

ISLAMABAD, July 22 ( Alliance News): An Afghan mountaineer has lost his life at K2 Camp 4 while attempting to summit the world’s second highest peak, while a French woman climber is on her way back to K2 Base Camp in critical condition awaiting rescue services. .

Ali Akbar Sakhi, the first Afghan mountaineer to summit the world’s second highest peak ‘K2’, died of a heart attack, he was part of the Pakistani K2 expedition team.

On the other hand, a Nepali rope-fixing team of 5 climbers managed to reach the summit of K2 around 9 pm.

Mohammad Ali Nagri from Adventure Pakistan told Dawn that the Nepali team has fixed the ropes to the top of ‘K2’ and now the way to the second highest peak in the world ‘K2’ has been opened for climbers.

Waiting for help at base camp
On the other hand, French mountaineer Nadia Sara, trapped in the base camp near Concordia, appealed to the government to rescue her by helicopter.

Alpine Club of Pakistan secretary Karar Hydari told Dawn that an army helicopter would be flown to Concordia in the morning to rescue the stranded trekker.

Tour organizer Wajahat told Dawn that a 13-member team of foreign trekkers, including two Pakistanis, started their journey from Skardu to the base camp about 10 days ago.

Nadia Sara complained of difficulty breathing at the Concordia location and started vomiting on Wednesday, they said.

The tour operator added that she was having trouble breathing and was vomiting continuously, appealing to the government to provide rescue services to the climber.

The way to ‘K2’ is open.
Muhammad Ali Nagri of Adventure Pakistan while talking about the rope fixing team said that the team has succeeded in reaching the peak and K2 has been opened for climbers.

He said a group of climbers waiting at Camp 4 will summit on Thursday night while several expeditioners will summit the mountain today.

8K Expeditions said in a statement that the rope fixing team reached the summit in 2 to 3 hours due to strong winds near the summit.

Abdul Wahab, a climber from Shamshal who is in touch with the Pakistani climbers, said that a total of 170 climbers, including 13 Pakistanis, had climbed K2 in three groups from Camp 4 on Thursday night. He said the climbers have divided themselves into 3 groups under a common strategy.

Renowned Nepalese mountaineer Sanu Sherpa, 47, summited Gasherbaram 2 on Thursday morning, with Sanu Sherpa becoming the first climber in the world to summit all 14 peaks above 8,000 meters twice.

Shakhavat Hussain from Summit Karakoram, who is also a partner of Pioneer Adventures, confirmed the summit.

According to a statement issued by Pioneer Adventure, Sanu Sherpa is an experienced mountaineer who has achieved many achievements but his achievements are not recognized as they deserve.

He further said that Sanu Sherpa’s long-held dream of becoming the first mountaineer to summit the highest mountain twice has come true.

A few weeks ago, Sanu Sherpa climbed Nanga Parbat.


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