A World War II bomb has been found in a river dried up by drought in Italy

ISLAMABAD, Aug 09 (Alliance News): Europe experienced heatwaves this summer that resulted in record temperatures and other impacts.

One such effect was seen in Italy, where a river level dropped so low due to drought that a sinking bomb rose to the surface during World War II.

Military experts moved the bomb from there and detonated it in a controlled place.

The 450 kg bomb was discovered on July 26 in the Po River near Borgo Vergillo, a village in northern Italy.

According to military officials, the bomb was discovered by fishermen on the banks of the river as the water level in the river has dropped significantly due to drought, foreign media reported.

But it was not an easy task to defuse the bomb and detonate it under control.

This was the reason why 3000 people from the surrounding communities were moved to safe places before the bomb was delivered to another place, the airspace was closed and the railway lines and highways were also closed.

Bomb disposal experts removed the fuse from the US-made bomb, which military officials said contained 240 kg of explosives.

The bomb squad then moved it 45 km away to destroy it.


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