A year after recovering from Corona, a serious illness discovered in people

ISLAMABAD, June 06 (Alliance News): People with severe coronary heart disease have been diagnosed with thyroid disease a year after recovery.

According to research presented at a seminar of the European Society of Endocrinology at the end of last May, people with severe coronary heart disease do not have any thyroid problems immediately after recovery, but over time Complications begin to grow.

A brief study of 100 people by experts from the University of Milan in Italy included people who had become seriously ill with corona and had long-term symptoms.

During the research, the experts performed tests immediately after the recovery of the affected people, including 6 months and a year later, and also performed ultrasounds on them.

The study found that they did not have any thyroid problems immediately after recovering from Corona, but some people started having thyroid complications six months later.

Experts note that some people start having thyroid problems a year after recovery.

Research has shown that most people are diagnosed with thyroid disease, which causes swelling and irritation of the thyroid and reduces the production of thyroid hormones, which can lead to fatigue and weight loss in the affected person. There seem to be many problems.

Experts say that some people have other thyroid problems, but most people suffer from thyroiditis.


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