Afghan Refugees Want Close Partnership with Pakistan on Human Rights, US

ISLAMABAD, June 20 ( Alliance News): US Deputy Secretary of State Azra Zia has said that Washington wants closer partnership with Pakistan on human rights and resettlement of Afghans and the issue of refugees.

During a news briefing at the State Department, spokesman Ned Price expanded the scope of the partnership, saying that Washington “seeks to expand the partnership in a way that serves our interests and our mutual interests.” ۔

Azra Zia oversees civilian security, democracy and human rights at the State Department.

He expressed the above views in a meeting with Pakistani Ambassador Masood Khan.

In a tweet, he said he had “constructive talks” with Ambassador Masood Khan to discuss human rights and the resettlement of Afghans and Pakistan’s critical support for refugees.

A statement issued by the embassy said that the two officials agreed to strengthen Pak-US relations in various fields through a series of discussions on issues of mutual interest.

In response to Azra Zia’s tweet, Masood Khan said that both sides would work to promote mutual dialogue and establish closer ties.

Ambassador Masood Khan also welcomed the OIC-State Department Dialogue held in Washington on May 23 and 24 to promote dialogue between the United States and OIC countries in Washington.

The Deputy Secretary of State also represented the United States at the OIC Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Islamabad in March.

In a conversation in Islamabad, he highlighted the enduring relationship and partnership between the United States and Pakistan, and praised the United States for protecting and respecting Afghan refugees for the past 40 years.

During a news briefing at the State Department, the State Department spokesman said, “US officials have met on several occasions with representatives of the Pakistani government, which took office in April.”


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