Afghanistan: A hand grenade explosion in a cricket stadium in Kabul, 2 people were killed

ISLAMABAD, July 30 (Alliance News): Two people were killed in a hand grenade explosion during a domestic league match at a cricket stadium in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

According to the foreign media, the Afghan Cricket Board (ACB) said that an explosion occurred in the crowd while the fans were watching a match of the local Shipageza Cricket League.

Kabul Police Spokesman Khalid Zadran said that two people were killed and some others were injured in the hand grenade explosion while the security forces are searching for those responsible for the attack.

Khalid Zadran told Reuters that the match was stopped for some time, but the match was resumed after the area was cleaned.

Initially, the relevant authorities, including the Chief Executive of the Afghan Cricket Board, Naseeb Khan, said that 4 people were injured in the blast, but no one was reported dead.

Nasib Khan said that the ACB staff and players were safe in the grenade attack.

The game of cricket is very popular in Afghanistan, despite the limited resources and instability, the national cricket team of Afghanistan continues to perform well in international competitions, many players from Afghanistan are among the top players in the world.

A large number of spectators were present at the stadium in Kabul on Friday as it was a public holiday in Afghanistan in the 8-team domestic league that has been going on for the past ten days.

There were conflicting reports in the media and the diplomatic community about the death toll.

The Kabul-based hospital tweeted that 13 victims were brought to the hospital, of which 12 have been admitted.

Khalid Zadran urged people to rely only on information from security forces when reporting casualty figures.

He further said that we hope that our citizens, foreign guests, diplomats and international organizations will not directly campaign for miscreants who do not want the citizens of Afghanistan to be happy.

Afghanistan’s Taliban government is trying to play down international concerns about the security situation in the country as attacks by local insurgents backed by the Islamic State militant group continue across the country, including in Kabul.

No one claimed responsibility for the attack during the cricket match.


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