Afghanistan: After the attack on the Gurdwara, the Sikh community is frustrated with its future

ISLAMABAD, June 21 ( Alliance News): Following Saturday’s attack on a gurdwara, Afghanistan’s Sikh community is frustrated with its future as it considers relinquishing citizenship of its country of origin and moving to another country.

According to the foreign media, Raghbir Singh, who was injured in the attack on the temple on Saturday, expressed frustration and said that there is no future for us here in the country, I lost all hope.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack on the temple.

‘We are in danger everywhere’ Since the Taliban seized power in August, many Sikhs have taken refuge in the affected complex, living around the building as a community or family.

The Sikh community has been targeted even before the Taliban came to power.

In March 2020, at least 25 people were killed in an armed attack on a temple in Kabul, and in 2018, a suicide bomber in the eastern city of Jalalabad killed at least 19 people, most of them Sikhs.

IS has claimed responsibility for both attacks, which target Afghanistan’s minority communities, and regularly targets Shia and Sufi sects and groups.

The number of Sikhs and Hindus living in Afghanistan had dwindled to about 200 by the end of last year, from about 500,000 in the 1970s.

Most of the Sikhs who remain in Afghanistan are traders who sell herbal medicines, electronics imported from India and Pakistan.

The temple attacked for Manmohan Singh Sethi, who was born in Afghanistan, was not just a place of worship but a home for the Sikh community.

Meeting place as a family Manmohan Singh Sethi, about 70, said it was the main gurdwara where we all met as a family.

But peace was shattered on Saturday when a member of the Sikh community was killed and seven others, including Manmohan Singh Sethi, were injured in an early morning attack.

A Taliban fighter was also killed in retaliation launched shortly after the attack.

Survivors of the attack said that gunmen opened fire at the main entrance of the complex, killing a guard, then entered the shrine and opened fire, throwing grenades.

Minutes after the attack, a car bomb exploded outside the complex, shattering the walls and windows of nearby buildings.

When the attack on the Gurdwara began, some people managed to escape through the back door and took refuge in nearby buildings. During the chaos, Manmohan Singh Sethi, who was on the fourth floor of the complex, fell to the ground. He suffered injuries to his legs and one arm.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of mourners. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of mourners.

The attack on the gurdwara came as a New Delhi delegation visited Kabul to discuss the possibility of reopening the Indian embassy.

Indian government sources told foreign media in Delhi that about 100 Afghan Hindus and Sikhs had been issued visas on an emergency basis, but Manmohan Singh Sethi had said that any of our frightened community Don’t know the offer.

He said the community still did not know where they would worship in the future.

“If we all gather at a certain place to perform religious rites, we may face another attack like this, when we have already been attacked three times. Can’t show negligence.

Manmohan Singh Sethi said that the latest attack has affected us in a big way, Afghanistan is my homeland, I never wanted to leave it but now I am leaving it.


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