After Nancy Pelosi’s visit, China started military exercises around Taiwan

ISLAMABAD, Aug 05 (Alliance News): After US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China launched its largest-ever military drills around Taiwan in a show of its might, straddling key international shipping lanes.

According to the foreign media, Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan yesterday, which has sparked a series of threats from Beijing because China considers the independent island of Taiwan as part of its own.

China issued a stern statement on Nancy Pelosi’s visit, vowing punishment and announcing military exercises in the world’s busy sea lanes around Taiwan.

According to China’s official media, the military exercise started at 12 noon, in which live firing was also conducted.

According to the state TV ‘CCTV’, 6 sea lanes around the island have been selected for the exercise and the respective ships and aircraft should not pass through the respective lanes.

The exercises are taking place in multiple zones around Taiwan, some within just 20 kilometers of the coast, and will conclude on Sunday afternoon.

However, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense says it is closely monitoring the exercises.

The Ministry of Defense has emphasized that it will maintain the principles of preparing for war without war and with an attitude of non-escalation and non-inflammation of conflict.

Beijing’s nationalist state media tabloid Global Times quoted military commentators as saying the drills were unprecedented and that the missiles would fly over Taiwan for the first time.

On the other hand, the Group of 7 industrialized nations condemned China’s exercises and said in a statement that there is no justification for using the US speaker’s visit as a pretext for aggressive military activities in the Taiwan Strait.

Warning to ships
Taiwan’s Maritime and Port Bureau yesterday warned all ships to avoid passing through the channels used for the exercises.

Taiwan’s cabinet has said China’s exercises will disrupt 18 international routes that pass through its Flight Information Region (FIR).

China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a briefing on Wednesday that the US is a provocateur and China is a victim of the current tensions surrounding Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Some limitations
Taiwan’s 23 million people have long lived in fear of a Chinese invasion, but the threat has intensified under President Xi Jinping, widely regarded as China’s most authoritarian ruler.

The island of Taiwan is once again proving to be a flashpoint between the US and the Chinese leadership, with China looking to make a show of strength ahead of a key ruling party meeting this term that could see the Chinese president seek a third term in power. Hope to.

Amanda Hsiao, senior analyst for China at the International Crisis Group, said China’s announced military drills signaled a further escalation from the current baseline of Chinese military activity around Taiwan and the last Taiwan crisis of 1995-96.


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