After killing of 4 persons in Mexico, Muslims are urged not to walk alone at night

ISLAMABAD, Aug 08 (Alliance News): Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the US state of New Mexico, are urging citizens to share any information they may have about the recent murders of four people, as police are investigating hate crimes against Muslims. Looking as

In a separate message, the Islamic Center of New Mexico urged Albuquerque Muslims on Monday to avoid walking alone at night and to make sure no one follows them home, the foreign media reported.

A local newspaper, the Abucurquio Journal, reported that people are starting to panic after the fourth murder, all four of whom are of Pakistani and Afghan origin.

In a message to the community, the Islamic Center of New Mexico said, “We urge everyone to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings, especially making sure no one is following you home and at night.” Avoid walking alone, this is especially important for our members living in the southeast part of the city where these killings took place.

The Albuquerque Police Department said its homicide detectives are investigating the overnight killing of a Muslim man who may be connected to three similar murders in the area, with the FBI assisting them in the investigation. .

Just before midnight Friday, APD officers in the Southeast area received reports of a shooting in the area of ​​Truman Street and Grand Avenue in which an adult male was found dead.

According to investigators, the victim, Naeem Hussain, is believed to be in his mid-20s, Muslim and of South Asian origin. May be from the recent killing of Muslim men.

Detectives on Thursday determined there was a connection between the Aug. 1 slaying of Muhammad Afzal Hussain, 27, and the July 26 slaying of Aftab Hussain, 41, both Muslims and from Pakistan, police said. Both were killed in Southeast Albuquerque near Central Avenue.

Following these murders, detectives are now trying to determine whether the November 7, 2021 killing of Mohammad Ahmadi, a Muslim from Afghanistan, is connected to the recent massacre. was murdered outside the which he and his brother jointly ran.

Police said anyone who knows anything about the murders is urged to report them to the police.

The Islamic Center of New Mexico’s online message page said it has held several meetings with city and state officials and law enforcement agencies, adding that everyone is doing their best to ensure is working to ensure that Muslims in our city are safe and criminals are brought to justice.

Officials of the Muslim organization said they have shared available information with the police.


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