Aleem Khan joins Jahangir Tareen group, ‘governance in Punjab is worrisome’

LAHORE, Mar 07 ( Alliance News): Senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Aleem Khan has joined Jahangir Tareen group, expressed deep concern over the performance of Punjab government.

Talking to media in Lahore, a member of Jahangir Tareen’s group had said that Aleem Khan had joined Jahangir Tareen’s group and would continue to lead Jahangir Tareen.

He said that today’s meeting was a walking and consultative meeting and it was to show that even if Jahangir is not in the country, they are meeting under his leadership and are with him.

Another member of Jahangir Tareen said that he congratulated Aleem Khan for joining the Jahangir Tareen group.

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He said that Jahangir Tareen is now healthy and we have come together to console him and pray for him that he will recover soon and come back in 2 to 4 days.

“Our group’s unity has been proven,” he said.

Aleem Khan said that he was with Imran Khan in the struggle of PTI during the last 10 years. Among them was Jahangir Tareen who was very supportive of him. Thanks to Jahangir Tareen for working day and night to stand with the party in time.

He said that today Jahangir Tareen is ill, so I myself said that this meeting should be held at the house of Jahangir Tareen and we all want to send a message together as friends. If you are not present then we have not forgotten.

He said that standing in difficult times is the name of politics, whoever is a part of our struggle, even in the last period, he is respected by all of us.

Aleem Khan said that Jahangir Tareen is a prominent name in 5 years. Why Tareen workers did not understand why Jahangir Tareen was not given importance after the unfortunate government.

He said that those who sided with Imran Khan and shed blood did not get an answer as to why they were ignored.

“People who have supported us in bad times are not visible in the government. We have worked day and night for the party. If it was gaining popularity among the people, no one would be saddened to be ignored,” he said.

He said that the way Punjab is being ruled today, sincere PTI workers and voters are concerned, those gathered here today said that we are together and we are an important group of like minded people and It will include all those who have worked for the party somewhere.

Asked by a journalist, he said that it was not easy to speak out against the Chief Minister in Lahore and those who supported him at that time were selfless.

Earlier, before the no-confidence motion of the opposition against the government, an important meeting was going on at the residence of PTI leader Jahangir Tareen with the leaders of the Tareen group as well as Aleem Khan in which an action plan should be formulated regarding the current political situation. Is.

Interestingly, Aleem Khan, a close associate of Prime Minister Imran Khan, was also present at the meeting which took place at Jahangir Tareen’s residence in Lahore.

According to sources, Aleem Khan has met more than 40 members of the Provincial Assembly in the last three days and they have reached the residence of Jahangir Tareen to meet the same group where they will talk to Jahangir Tareen through video link.

Jahangir Tareen is currently in London for treatment.

He said that a joint strategy would be adopted by uniting all the groups in the party including the largest group and the names of all the members would be kept secret till the political scenario becomes clear.

Sources said that the 40 members include ten provincial ministers.

In this regard, it was informed that the members of the Assembly who arrived at the residence of Jahangir Tareen were Noman Langarial, Khurram Leghari, Abdul Hai Dasti, Lala Tahir Randhawa, Ajmal Cheema, Aun Chaudhry, Salman Naeem, Lala Tahir Randhawa, Noman Langarial, Khurram Leghari, Aslam. Bharwana, Saeed Nawani, Zawar Hassan, Bilal Wardraich, Iftikhar Gondal, Amin Chaudhry, Ghulam Sangha and Qasim Linga.

Before the meeting, the journalists asked the former advisor to the Punjab Minister what was going to happen to Aun Chaudhry. He replied that he could not say anything right now.

Another journalist asked if the Chief Minister was going home or not.

In this regard, reliable sources further said that the senior leadership of PML-N has also contacted Aleem Khan.

Members of the Tareen group will review their strategy in the event of a no-confidence motion, and the Tareen group will review contacts with more angry members of the PTI.

Apart from this, Tarin Group will also review its strategy suggestions regarding Punjab and Center.

According to sources, difficulties are increasing for the Punjab government and twenty members of the Jahangir Tareen group are ready to play a decisive role in the political situation in the Punjab Assembly.

In this regard, it is being claimed that Aleem Khan group has got the support of 12 to 15 members and the alliance of Tareen group and Aleem Khan may deprive Usman Bazdar and PTI government in Punjab of majority.

Earlier, a large number of provincial ministers met Aleem Khan at his residence.

According to sources, Dr. Akhtar Malik, Provincial Minister for Energy, Hashim Dogar, Provincial Minister for Wildlife and Fisheries, Sams were among those who called on Aleem Khan.


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