Anti-state anarchists instigating people against state, institutions in Balochistan to impede development

ISLAMABAD, Apr 29 (Alliance News): The hostile powers are using the anti-state anarchists in Balochistan as an instrument to instigate the masses against state and state institutions for impeding the development projects.

The anti-state elements like the Baloch Liberation Front is dissuading the youths in Balochistan from enrollment in Counter Terrorism Department Police Balochistan.

The latest manifestation of such instigation is the recent suicide attack carried out by an educated lady in Karachi University killing persons including three Chinese nationals.

The outlawed Baloch Liberation Army which claimed the responsibility of the attack is indoctrinating and glorifying the suicide attack, in sheer contrast of Islamic teachings.

Similarly, the Recently Baloch Liberation (BLF) has released a press statement to dissuade Baloch youth from enrollment in Counter Terrorism Department Police Balochistan.

In their statements, such militant organizations are negatively portraying the role of the security agencies just to pollute the minds of the poor and innocent masses and to deprive them from getting mainstreamed.

Moreover, they had also been engaged in waging armed insurgency including terrorist acts since a decade or so.

Balochistan has seen insurgencies driven by hostile powers through various storylines wherein anti-state anarchists act as mouth piece of the hostile powers.

They charge the masses against state and state institutions and never want uplift in the livelihood of poor masses so as to keep exploiting their sentiments against the state institutions.

Due to lack of development projects, no job opportunities existed for the youth in the province however, intake in government departments including federal departments, armed forces, Levis, police, CTD and few other department is received from all province as per proportion and domicile.

Since past decade or so, a number of mega development projects has been initiated in Balochistan.

The development in various sectors will create job opportunities and ensure socio-economic uplift of the people.

Currently, 22 out of about 42 projects of China Pakistan Economic Corridor are on the fast track of development. The current agreed CPEC projects have a potential to create a total of 1.2 million direct jobs.

Besides job opportunities in above projects, the army enrolment quota for youth from Balochistan has also been increased with age relaxation as well.

Intake in FC, Levis, Police, and CTD is mostly taken from local areas like many other departments.

Moreover, people from Balochistan had played significant role including sacrifices as well as career progression to higher ranks in security forces.

Besides combatting the terrorism, army and FC are also engaged in various development and community uplift activities with side by side engagement of police and Levis in their operation role.

Capacity of CTD has to be enhanced for which intake is required mostly from locals with the view to provide them job opportunities.

However, considering the CTD as threat, anarchists are raising voice against it so as to deprive poor locals from their right of job. Subsequently they raise slogans of intake in their area from other provinces.

The terrorists and anti-state anarchists had been and are getting extortion from the families of levis and other LEAs employees by threatening them, in pursuance of agenda driven move to frighten and abstain the poor unemployed youth to join security forces especially CTD.

The narrative of anti-state anarchists comprises themes, messages and their delivery platforms is predominantly focused on anti-Pakistan propaganda with an aim to forestall the social uplift and mainstreaming of poor people of Balochistan

The masses have negated the agenda of anti-state anarchists which they proved through recent protests against terrorism incidents in Sibbi, Noshki and Panjgur.


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