Attack on Ukraine: YouTube cuts advertising revenue on Russian channels

ISLAMABAD, Feb 27 ( Alliance News): Following in the footsteps of Facebook following the invasion of Ukraine, YouTube has blocked Russian state-run media outlet RT and other Russian channels from collecting and monetizing video ads.

Citing unusual circumstances, YouTube said in a statement that it was blocking the monetization of videos on several channels, including Russian channels, due to recent restrictions, foreign media reported.

YouTube spokesman Farshad Shadloo said that the videos of the affected channels were also recommended, adding that at the request of the Ukrainian government, many other channels, including RT, could no longer be accessed in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Digital Minister Mikhailov Fedorov tweeted on Saturday that he had contacted YouTube to block Russian propaganda channels such as Russia 24, RI, TASS.

RT did not immediately respond to a request for comment, while YouTube did not name other channels that have been banned.

For years, lawmakers and some users of YouTube have been urging YouTube to take maximum action against channels affiliated with and affiliated with the Russian government because they spread false information and should not make a profit from it.

Omeilas, a digital researcher, told Reuters at the time that in the two-year period ending December 2018, Russia received between ً 7 million and کروڑ 32 million in advertisements on 26 YouTube channels.

It is to be noted that before YouTube, the owner of Facebook, Meta Platforms, on Friday banned Russian state media from running advertisements on its services anywhere in the world or generating revenue from advertisements.

Under the new restrictions, Russian broadcasters and government agencies and individuals will not be able to share material related to violence and war.

Google also said it had removed countless Russian videos from YouTube over the past few days that contained material related to violence and war.

Google has said it is working on a decision and plan to impose sanctions on Russian media and individuals.


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