Bangladesh: Protests continue against BJP leaders’ blasphemous remarks

ISLAMABAD, June 30 ( Alliance News): Nearly 10,000 people protested in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, against insulting remarks made by leaders of India’s ruling BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) about the Prophet Muhammad.

According to the foreign media, the insulting words from the BJP leaders have created a wave of outrage and outrage in the entire Islamic world while this week in Bangladesh. This was the second major protest.

According to local Indian media reports, authorities in India have ordered tightening of security in several cities for the upcoming Friday prayers, after two people were shot dead during a protest last week.

Large numbers of people took to the streets across Asia last Friday after a May 26 insulting statement by India’s ruling party spokesman.

The governments of about 20 countries summoned Indian ambassadors to explain Nopur Sharma’s statement about the Prophet of Islam.

In a demonstration in Bangladesh today, the protesters staged a rally in front of the largest mosque in Dhaka and shouted slogans to unite the Muslims of the world. The protesters also tried to move towards the Indian embassy during the protest, however, the police said. Stopped them

Inam-ul-Haq, a senior police official, told AFP that about 10,000 peaceful protesters had joined the protest march.

The protest was organized by the Islamic Movement of Bangladesh, one of the largest political parties in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the world’s fourth-largest Muslim country.

As many as 150,000 people demonstrated in major Bangladeshi cities last Friday, with 20,000 people protesting in the capital Dhaka and thousands in other towns and universities.

Speakers at a rally in Dhaka today called for a boycott of Indian products and for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to formally protest against India.

Sheikh Hasina, who has been in power for 13 years, is a close ally of India and has not yet condemned Nopur Sharma’s remarks.

Insulting statements about Islam and the Prophet of Islam on social media often lead to violent protests in Bangladesh, often leading to riots against minorities.

At least six people were killed last year when large-scale anti-Hindu riots erupted after an alleged desecration of the Koran at a Hindu temple in southeastern Bangladesh.

Bulldozer Since coming to power in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government and his Bharatiya Janata Party have been accused of supporting discriminatory policies against India’s Muslim minority.

Nopur Sharma’s statement hurt the BJP when the party suspended her from office and insisted that she respects all religions.

Last Friday, there were widespread peaceful demonstrations in several cities of India, while police opened fire in eastern Ranchi after throwing stones and bottles by protesters during the demonstrations, killing two people.

Since the protests, the homes of several people in Uttar Pradesh have been bulldozed by those who were arrested during the protests or their presence was identified in the protests, says hardline Hindu yogi Adityanath Is led by the BJP government.

Amnesty International has called for an end to the crackdown, with human rights groups calling the crackdown the worst form of oppression and excessive use of force.

According to local Indian media reports, authorities in several areas, including Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Indian-occupied Kashmir, have instructed security officials to tighten security around mosques on Friday.

The Hindustan Times reported that gatherings of more than four people have been banned in some districts of these states.


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