“Beginning of the Olympic Games” is a victory for China

ISLAMABAD, Feb 03 ( alliance News): Since its successful bid to host the 2015 Winter Olympics, China has incorporated the concept of openness into the whole process of hosting the Beijing Olympics.

In recent years, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has selected 37 foreign experts and invited 207 foreign professionals and technical staff to participate in the preparations.

According to Chinese Media, In terms of stadium construction, ice making, organization of events, training and participation, China has actively cooperated with international sports organizations and achieved many achievements, which has led to the exchange of sports between China and foreign countries.

Promoted effectively. The Olympic Games are not only a sporting event but also a platform for intercultural exchanges. The Beijing Winter Olympics officially kick off on the 4th.

Gathered on this open platform, people from all over the world will not only participate in a grand competition but also see China’s commitment and efforts to promote global sports exchanges, open cooperation and mutual learning of civilizations.
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