Canada: Three people, including a gunman shooting in British Columbia

ISLAMABAD, July 27 (Alliance News): Three people, including a suspect, were killed in a firing on Monday morning in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

According to a report by a foreign media, the citizens were asked to stay away from the area, issued alerts in view of firing incidents in the city of Langley, comprising displaced persons before the incident.

“We are investigating the shootings in which two people are in critical condition and the other is seriously injured,” said Ghalib Bhaiyani, chief superintendent of the regional Royal Canadian Mountain Police Force.

The police chief said that at this time we do not know the cause behind the incident, nor can we find any connection between the dead civilians and the victims.

An eyewitness said that one of the shooting locations see two black SUVs vehicles in a ditch used as the emergency response teams of the police, one of which was bullet holes in the vehicle’s windshield.

The report said that in the suburbs of Vancouver, police said they had responded to several reports of shootings to several victims in the city of Langley and told the public responding to an incident in the Township of Langley. They stay away from several places, including a casino parking and bus stop.


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