China wholeheartedly to present the Olympic Games to the world: Chinese President

ISLAMABAD, Feb 03 ( Alliance News ): Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that the world is going through “unseen major changes in a century” and that “mankind faces many challenges.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping while addressing virtually the opening ceremony of the 139th All-Party Meeting and welcomed IOC President Thomas Bach and all IOC members to the IOC’s 139th all-member summit in Beijing, the “city of the double Olympics” during the Spring Festival.


Xi Jinping pointed out that the world is currently undergoing major changes unseen in a century, and that the code-2 epidemic is spreading.

The world has entered a new era of turmoil and change. Mankind faces many challenges. Leading the IOC Olympic Games, it has been instrumental in helping the world overcome difficulties and unite and cooperate.

He said ” I would like to thank the International Olympic Committee for its long-term support for the development of China’s sports industry and for its full support and guidance in the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”

Xi Jinping pointed out that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics will be held on the night of the 4th. The world is looking at China and China is ready.

China will wholeheartedly present a simple, safe and glorious Olympic Games to the world and adhere to the Olympic slogan of “faster, higher, stronger”.


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