Journalism at the heart of making climate impact, says British Envoy

By Shahida Naveed

ISLAMABAD, March 26 (Alliance News): British High Commission Pakistan has organized a training workshop for journalists on climate change.

A total of over hundred journalists from 35 media outlets and research institutes participated in a practical training workshop organized by the British High Commission Islamabad .

Journalists from various media gained in-depth knowledge about the complex issues of climate change and nature conservation, discussed how journalism is at the forefront of climate change, how climate stories on Earth Explore and practice telling climate stories.

In the workshop, the panelists shared their experience and offered tips for journalists to cover the issue related to climate change. Participants shared the impact of filing climate change stories.

They discussed the challenges that may exist around climate journalism, how to center women and girls in climate stories, and expressed commitment to climate storytelling in the future.

Journalists highlighted the importance of finding and telling stories of community action on climate change and began to go out into the field in search of climate stories. He discussed how climate journalism can help people understand the impact of climate change on them and motivate them to take action.

Speaking on the occasion, Jo Moir, Director of Development, British High Commission, said: “We are delighted to bring together journalists to discuss the important issue of climate change and biodiversity loss. play an important role in how climate change affects them. They alone can change perceptions and inspire change.

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The chief guest of the event, former Chairperson of the Upper House Committee on Climate Change, Sami Ezedi, said that climate change is the most important issue of our time.

“We can either be the generation that allowed it to happen, or the one that took bold steps to stop it. Climate change is not just a far-reaching threat but a present reality that calls for urgent action.”

The UK has been instrumental in helping Pakistan respond to the devastating floods in 2022. This includes providing shelter kits to over 200,000 women and learning kits to 48,000 students. However, the UK’s focus is not just on disaster management but on improving Pakistan’s climate resilience.