COVID-19 found even after 6 weeks in a drowning person

ISLAMABAD, Feb 20 ( Alliance News): In September 2021, a Ukrainian man went on a sea voyage with his friend and drowned in Kaiti, Italy.

This is sad but not a medical mystery but what happened after death has baffled the medical experts, foreign media reported.

COVID-19 was tested at least 28 times for about 6 weeks after death and each time the body test was positive.

Even more shocking was the fact that at the time of death the person did not have any signs of cod at all and possibly even if the virus was present inside him the amount of viral load would be very small.

The medical journal BMC Journal of Medical Case Reports published the results of the research on this case and said that all persons should have swab test during postmortem whether it is linked to death code or not.

Although the man (whose name has not been released) has been confirmed to have drowned, a code test is required under Italian law for whatever cause of death.

During the postmortem, when the code test was positive, the body was transferred to the local morgue in a sterile waterproof bag.

But due to delays in burial permission, she remained in the morgue for 41 days.

According to the research, code tests were conducted 28 times during this period and each time the test was performed by the same team and during this time international laws were observed.

This is the same traditional code test in which the content is tested by talk and each time the test is positive.

Even when the research team became suspicious, they tested each other with the same testing kits.

Not only were viral code particles discovered about 6 weeks after death, but only identifiable particles remained at the end of testing.

In addition to the code test, the researchers performed a control test each time to test human cell RNA.

During the 41 days after death, the tests stopped showing human RNA, but the code tests continued to be positive, although the human cells were not detected.

Researchers say that so far there has been significant research into the behavior of viruses in living human bodies and their environment, but there is no data on dead bodies and their contagion.

He said there could be a risk of transmitting the virus to people who are part of the postmortem of those who died from the code, but this could only be confirmed after research.

He said that although corona virus is mostly transmitted from one person to another due to large particles coming out of mouth or nose, it is not the only source but also contaminated objects, atmosphere etc. play a role in this regard.

The researchers acknowledged that their research was limited and that it was “extremely difficult” to do so because such work could not be performed on morally dead people.

But he hopes the findings will pave the way for future research.

It should be noted that their investigation was completed after permission was granted for the burial of this Ukrainian man


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