Discovery of cancer eradication during drug trial

ISLAMABAD, June 08 ( Alliance News): Surprising results from a new drug tested on second- and third-stage cancer patients in the United States have revealed that all volunteers have had their cancer eradicated.

Although incurable diseases such as cancer are not yet incurable, patients usually do not survive long-term treatment despite chemotherapy and surgery.

According to the New York Times, scientists were also surprised by the astonishing results of a long-term study of more than a dozen patients by other experts, including the Memorial Saloon Cutting (MSK) Cancer Center.

According to Dr. Louis Diaz, the lead scientist in the study, this is the first time in the history of cancer that all people undergoing treatment in the experimental stage have recovered and have no need for treatment and no side effects. Have been found

According to the New York Times, during the study, experts gave chemotherapy-like doses to 12 patients with second- and third-stage colon cancer every three weeks for six months.

The patients involved in the trial were given a dose of 500 grams of the drug ‘Dostarli Mab’ and all the volunteers underwent various tests after the completion of the trial.

Specialists performed biopsy tests on the volunteers, including ultrasound and digital testing, six months after the trial, and examined them with other methods, but found no tumors in the patients’ intestines.

The report said that the experts re-tested the patients 6 and 25 months after the drug test but they did not find any signs of cancer in the volunteers.

Surprisingly, all the patients did not need any treatment for two and a half years and no adverse effects were found during the trial.

Although experts have described the drug trial as highly encouraging, they say more research is needed on the drug.

Among the patients tested by the specialists was stage II and III colon cancer.

All patients had rectum cancer, which is the last part of the colon, and this type of cancer can be eliminated by surgery and chemotherapy alone, but radiation is not usually successful. ۔


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