DNA experts claim to have solved the mystery of the 700-year-old epidemic

ISLAMABAD, June 16 ( Alliance News): International experts from other regions, including Europe, have claimed after lengthy research that they have solved the mystery of the plague that plagued the world at least 600 years ago, after which it has become clear that The disease spread from Central Asia to the world.

According to foreign media, experts from other countries, including Germany and Switzerland, have recovered DNA from seven 14th-century bodies found in ancient cemeteries in the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan.

Of the seven bodies recovered by experts, three were women and the DNA of their teeth revealed that they were victims of the then-spreading epidemic of bubonic plague, known as the ‘Black Death’ epidemic. Had passed away.

According to the report, after a long period of research by experts, the research report was published in the scientific journal ‘Nature’, in which the experts claimed to have solved the mystery of the plague that occurred 6 centuries ago.

According to experts, there has been speculation in the past that the epidemic known as ‘Black Death’ may have originated in China or ancient India, but new research suggests that The disease spread from Central Asia to the world.

The report said that the bubonic plague, possibly known as the Black Death, spread from Central Asian countries to Europe, Africa and South Asia via trade routes.

Although experts claim that the plague originated in Central Asia, scientists have not clarified whether it originated in Kyrgyzstan or another country.

However, the remains were exhumed from ancient cemeteries in Kyrgyzstan, and research on the cemeteries first began in 1930.

The bubonic plague, known as the Black Death epidemic, is considered to be the worst and most devastating epidemic in the world to date, killing nearly half of Europe’s population and 40 percent of Asia’s population.

The disease is said to have started in the middle or end of the 13th century and continued in Europe, Asia and Africa with various changes till the 17th century, killing an estimated 80 million people. And at that time every fifth person in many cities had died of the plague.

The ‘Black Death’ or ‘Beaubonic plague’ of the plague is considered to be the most dangerous type, but after the epidemic spread to other regions, including ‘Italian plague, London plague, Moscow plague, German plague, Marse plague and Vienna plague’ Changed to oaths.

The disease was originally found in mice at the time, after which it was transmitted to humans and could not be cured due to lack of medical science.

Although the plague still exists in the world, it is no longer an epidemic, nor is it as dangerous as before, and most importantly, there is a cure.

The plague causes inflammation in the lymph nodes of the infected people, while in addition to the pain in the lungs, glands also appear on the body.


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