Efforts for Ukraine’s grain exports continues despite missile attacks

ISLAMABAD, July 25 (Alliance News): Even after the missile attack by Russia, Ukraine continued to resume exports of grain from Odessa and other ports of the Black, which has raised doubts about whether to be born in global markets due to war. Russia will respect the agreement to reduce food shortages.

According to foreign media, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zilinski has condemned the shelling on Odessa city and termed it a ‘cruelty’, saying that Turkey and the UN mediation agreement followed. Russia cannot be trusted to import.

The government minister has said that preparations are underway for the rehabilitation of grain exports, while the public broadcasting agency, citing Ukraine’s armed forces, wrote that the missile clearly did not harm the port.

Russia, on the other hand, has said that it has attacked a Ukrainian army fleet in Odessa with missiles.

The agreement reached between Moscow and Kyiv is being praised as diplomatic breakthrough, which will help to overcome rising food prices globally, but the war on Sunday after entering the sixth month. I did not see any signs of reduction.

Russia has been the eastern region of Donbas, the center of the Ukraine War, Vladimir Zelannsky said in a video posted by Vladimir Zelannski that Ukrainian forces are slowly moving towards Kharson, the occupied East Sea.

The Ukrainian army on Sunday claimed Russian shelling at several places north, south and east and cited operations that pave the way for the attack in the city of Donbas.

The Ukrainian Air Force said it fired three Cleber cruise missiles left by Russian forces from the Black Sea on Sunday morning aimed at targeting the Western Khyber Nitaski area.

On the other hand, the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy have condemned the shelling on the Ukraine city of Odessa.

The Turkish Defense Minister said Saturday that Russian officials informed Ankara that Moscow had nothing to do with the attacks.

However, on Sunday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova said Russian forces had targeted a Ukrainian military boat in Odessa with missiles, while the Russian Ministry of Defense did not talk about it.

According to the Ukrainian military, two Russian Cleber missiles fell into a pumping station area of ​​the port and two others were killed by air defense forces.

Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuri Agt said the missiles were fired by warships in the Black Sea near the Crimea.

Unfortunately, some people were injured while the port infrastructure was damaged, said Maxim Marinco, governor of the Odessa area.

Infrastructure Minister Olixander Kubrakov said on Facebook that technical preparations are underway to start export of agricultural products from ports.

UN officials said the agreement would restore grain delivery from three ports reopened to 5 million tonnes a month, which was before the war.

Safe way
The attacks are apparently violating the agreement reached Friday, which will allow safe routes to go inside and out of the Ukrainian ports.

Vladimir Zelannsky has pledged to make every effort to achieve a capable air defense system to hit missiles targeting Odessa.

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Since the February 24 invasion of Moscow, millions of tons of grain have been trapped by the blockade by the Russian Sea of ​​the Black Sea and many ships have also been trapped.


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