Enemy can overthrow government in Pakistan in 10 to 15 billion : Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD, April 05 ( Alliance News): Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that today there is a situation that any country can overthrow the government in Pakistan. If India decides today that the government in Pakistan is to be overthrown, then it can overthrow the government in 10 to 15 billion rupees.

Addressing a function at Governor House Lahore, the Prime Minister said that the workers should start preparations for the elections.

“We made mistakes in the past and we had to pay a heavy price for it. We have learned from our mistakes and decided to give the tickets to those who helped us in difficult times,” he said. Gave

The Prime Minister said that there was a huge external conspiracy to overthrow the government in Pakistan, our traitors joined them, most of the people who supported them were not aware of this conspiracy but Were aware

“I want to tell you all that insha’Allah we will go to this election and teach a lesson to those who are part of this foreign conspiracy who tried to overthrow the government with independent foreign policy, the people of Pakistan have taught them such a lesson,” he said. They will be taught that they will not only lose the elections but will become the grave of their politics.

He said that these 3 rats are the people whose wealth lies outside Pakistan, they have been sending money abroad for 30 years, those whose money will be out, they will say that beggars cannot make their own decisions. That is, if we are indebted, we must be enslaved.

Addressing the opponents, Imran Khan said that you will do slavery, this is a free nation which will not bow down to anyone.

He said that many people including our people were bought and kept in Awari Hotel, these people are selling our conscience and destroying our democracy, integrity and future in front of the whole nation.

“We are going to court against those who bargained for their conscience by winning seats on PTI tickets. They should be banned for life and put in jails. They are also traitors to the country and democracy,” he said. Future generations are also traitors, if they are not punished harshly, they will always bargain for our democracy.

The Prime Minister said that there are situations where if a foreign country wants to overthrow our government, they can buy 20 or 30 people and overthrow the government for only 10 to 15 billion rupees. What kind of democracy is this?

“We will fight these people completely. We have gone to the Supreme Court against them. All those who participated in the external conspiracy are traitors,” he said.

“I tell all my workers that you have to protest every day. A living nation stands against this conspiracy. Let the nation come to F9 Park in Islamabad and protest against these traitors,” he said.

Imran Khan said that if we do not stand against this betrayal today, our future generations will not forgive us, because we are putting their future in the dark.

He said that any country can do this, if India decides today that the government in Pakistan is to be overthrown then it can overthrow the government in 10 to 15 billion rupees.

He said that today is a decisive moment for our country, if this conspiracy is allowed to succeed then the future of the country and democracy will be destroyed, therefore I call on the whole nation to protest peacefully and defeat this conspiracy. Yes, this is your duty. Today again there will be protest after Isha in F9 Park in Islamabad.

During his address, he directed Shafqat Mahmood to organize protests in Lahore as well. He said that protests should be held every day so that the whole nation could send a message. They should also know that this is a living nation, it will never allow conspiracy to succeed.


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