EU signs agreement with Egypt, Israel to reduce gas dependence on Russia

ISLAMABAD, (CAIRO), (Alliance News): An agreement was signed between Israel and Egypt during the European Commission President’s visit to Cairo, under which they intend to increase gas exports to Europe as the European bloc now seeks to end its dependence on Russian gas.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has also pledged 100 million euros for food security in Egypt, which is facing food shortages due to the war in Ukraine, according to foreign media.

“Russia’s war against Ukraine has exposed Europe’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels and we want to get rid of that dependence,” Ursula von told a joint news conference with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

“We want a variety of reliable suppliers, and Egypt is a reliable partner,” he said.

During a visit to Israel on Tuesday, he vowed to confront Russia over its use of fossil fuels to “blackmail” European countries.

The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum said a memorandum of understanding on gas exports between Egypt, Israel and the European Union was signed at the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum.

Under a landmark 15 15 billion deal in 2020, Israel already exports gas to Egypt from an offshore field, where it is liquefied and shipped to European countries.

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However, a significant increase in gas exports from Israel via Egypt would require long-term investment in infrastructure.

Ursula von also said that Egypt has solar and wind energy, the future is useless and that the joint search by the European Union and Egypt is in the interest of all of us.

The president of the European Commission has promised 100 million euros in food aid in Egypt, the Arab world’s most populous country, which relies on Russia and Ukraine for 80% of its wheat.

“It’s important that we stand together to address this global food security crisis, to find solutions that are fair to everyone, for example, food grains around the world,” he said. Look at the distribution of and focus on our weak countries.

He also promised to provide 3 billion euros for agriculture and nutrition, water and sanitation programs in the region over the next few years.

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He said the EU was keen to invest in local food production.

“It’s very important for us to improve food production in the region, which will reduce our dependence on other regions,” said Ursula von.

“Over time, this will ensure a stable supply of quality and affordable food for all, and Egypt will be at the center of this important transformation,” he said.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said Ursula von’s first official visit was based on the recent development of Egypt’s relations with the European Union.

During his visit to Israel, Ursula von accused Russia of deliberately cutting off gas supplies to European countries “in exchange for our support for Ukraine.”

He said in Cairo that it was a major step towards providing energy to Europe, and that it would make Egypt a regional energy hub.


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