European police eliminated a huge secret network of human trafficking

ISLAMABAD, June 05 ( Alliance News): European police have said they have eliminated a huge secret network by arresting 8 ‘rebels’ of a human trafficking group, with about 10,000 Afghan, Pakistani and Syrian immigrants on the aforementioned network continent. Is accused of delivering.

According to foreign media report, the European Union police agency Europol says the Task Force led by Germany, Hungary, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, and the Netherlands, 126 The colleagues have also been arrested, most of the arrests were made in Austria.

Yuopol, who supported the operation launched in August last year, described ‘smuggling of refugees’ as “extremely dangerous”.

In the Netherlands city of Hague, the company said in its statement: “The biggest target of Europe is mostly Syrian citizens, whose travels and destinations were global relations.

He further said that the investigation revealed that the suspects provided smuggling to at least 10,000 refugees in European countries, most of which were citizens of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria.

He said that 916 incidents of smuggling were traced in the operation last year, during which at least 151 houses were searched while an assets of 1 million euros were confiscated.

Europol says smugglers transported refugees from Turkey’s western Balkans, Romania and Hungary to Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, for which the freight parts of the lorry, closed vehicles and personal cars were used.

He said the suspects received 4,000 euros ($ 43,000) from 10,000 euros to bring refugees to European borders in a very unpopular and dangerous situation.

German federal police say he is still looking for six accused, the suspects assured relatives of refugees through advertising on social media that their services would be safe and their services using short videos. They showed safe.

The accused used to receive money through reference, which is an illegal financial delivery system, the German federal police said they were searching for six more accused.


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