Explaining India’s dubious, irresponsible country can have nuclear capability, Moeed Yousuf

ISLAMABAD, Mar 11 ( Allaince News): National Security Adviser Moeed Youssef has called into question India’s explanation for the March 9 missile crash in Pakistan, saying how can an irresponsible country have a nuclear capability.

Sharing his remarks on social media platform, Moeed Yousuf, while talking about the weaknesses of India’s defense system, said that an unprecedented and dangerous incident took place on March 9.

He said that Pakistan is a peaceful country, let us be at peace, a supersonic missile from India landed in Pakistan after covering a distance of 250 km.

He said that India has not been able to take Pakistan into confidence, we have been repeatedly drawing the world’s attention to India’s poor defense system.

The National Security Adviser said that most of the uranium trade in India has come to the notice of the world, how can such an irresponsible country have nuclear capability.

He said that such irresponsible actions of India have become a threat to the whole world including the region.

Moeed Yousuf said that this is a very serious incident, let the world take immediate notice of this matter, Indian explanation of accidental firing of Indian missile is also doubtful.

He said that the Indian missile landed in Pakistani territory while flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet. The route of the Indian missile is a global air route.

He said that the world should take immediate notice of Indian oppression in illegally occupied Kashmir, adding that Pakistan was unfortunately dealing with a rogue state like India.

Earlier, India had admitted its mistake in confirming the incident of a missile falling within Pakistan’s borders and expressed regret over the incident.

A statement issued by the Indian Ministry of Defense said that the missile was accidentally fired on March 9 due to a technical glitch during daily maintenance.

The statement said that the government took serious note of the incident and ordered a high level investigation.

In this regard, it was said that we have learned that the missile landed within the borders of Pakistan, although this incident is unfortunate but we are satisfied that no casualties were reported as a result.

It may be recalled that the Director General (DG) of Pakistan Army Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Babar Iftikhar along with an Air Force officer had said in a news conference yesterday that on March 9 at 6:33 p.m. An ‘item’ from Indian territory violated Pakistan’s airspace.

Major General Babar Iftikhar said that the Indian suspicious ‘item’ violated Pakistani borders near Mian Channu in Punjab and asked India to explain what happened there and for what purpose.

During the press conference, the Air Force officer, while briefing on the violation of Indian airspace, said that the Pakistan Air Force had fully monitored the suspicious “item” and dropped it.

The Chief of Public Relations of the Pakistan Army condemned the interference in Pakistan’s territory by Indian borders and said that only India can tell what were the motives behind the violation of Pakistani borders.


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