Faisal Mosque to embrace 320 faithfuls observing Aitkaaf

ISLAMABAD, Apr 22 (Alliance News):One of the largest mosques of the country, the architectural marvel Faisal Mosque of the federal capital will host 320 faithfuls for observing Aitkaaf which is a spiritual practice of faith to separate ones self from the world to connect with the Almighty for salvation in Ramzan.

A large number of people from the twin cities showed great desire to observe Aitkaaf at Faisal Masjid as there was no restriction from the government like previous year during COVID-19 pandemic, Farid Nasir, an official at Dawah Academy of Islamic International University told APP on Friday.

Divulging details of the arrangements at Faisal Masjid, he said registration process for Aitkaaf at Faisal Masjid was started with the onset of Ramzan and concluded recently in which dedicated faithful Muslims who had requested for Aitkaaf deposited Rs10, 000 to manage their expenses during the period.

Apprising about the special activities of the last Ashra (ten days) of Ramzan, he said Qayam ul Lail (the search for enlightened night) would be observed at Faisal Masjid from 20th of Ramzan to 27th of Ramzan after Isha prayer in which renowned Qari from across the country would recite the Holy Quran and special fiqah classes would also be held.

One of the significant moment of the last ten days of Ramzan was the stay at night to embrace Laylatul Qadr (the Night of Power) which is a blessed night in Muslim discourse also known as night of destiny, night of power, and night of decree.

The first revelation of the Holy Qur’an occurred during this night, as Angel Jibril revealed the Holy Qur’an’s first verses to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). So, it is thought to fall on one of the odd-numbered nights in the final ten days of Ramadan which is widely believed in Muslims that it is on the 27th night of Ramzan.


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