Fan of Mahesh Hayat trying to put a hand on her back

KRACHI, Mar 07 ( Alliance News): Fans of showbiz personalities are present at almost every event and recently actress Mahesh Hayat encountered inappropriate behavior of fans at an event but interestingly, the actress was unaware of the action of the fan.

Mahesh Hayat shared a video on Instagram Story, in which she is seen taking pictures with fans at an event and other people are standing there with her.

The short video suggests that the actress was attending a promotional event, at the end of which fans asked her to take pictures and videos with her.

In the video shared by the actress, it can be seen that the same person who comes close to Mahesh Hayat to take a picture with her, tries to put his hand on the back of the actress.

According to the actress, she was unaware of the fan action; screenshot
In the video, it can be seen that the attempt to put the hand on the back of the fan is thwarted by the other person standing behind the actress and the fan takes a picture with Mahesh Hayat without putting his hand on the back.

The actress, while sharing the video, termed the incident as inappropriate and also gave an important message about how people try to touch the bodies of actresses by considering them as public property.

Mahesh Hayat, while sharing the video, wrote that she was amazed after watching the video, how her fans do wrong things while trying to get close to the actresses by taking advantage of their kindness or love.

She wrote that she was unaware of the aforementioned act of the fan, at the same time she also thanked Rehan, an official of Hum FM, who had stopped the fan from touching the back of the actress.

He thanked the FM radio official and at the same time Rehan also shared the video of the actress and wrote a good message that some people should learn ethics while meeting others.

He wrote that some people should be trained to meet well, especially when meeting women, and should also take care of values.

He wrote that he had stopped the uncle in the video from touching Mahesh Hayat’s back.

Even before this, there have been incidents of insulting and inappropriate behavior by fans at various events with other actors including Mahesh Hayat.


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