Fear of the spread of nuclear weapons is increasing in the world, Antonio Guterres

ISLAMABAD, Aug 04 (Alliance News): United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that the threat of proliferation of nuclear weapons in the world is increasing, the world today is only one misconception away from total nuclear destruction.

According to foreign media report, Antonio Guterres, speaking at a conference held to review the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, warned that the fear of the spread of nuclear weapons in the world is increasing and to stop this increase. Security measures are being weakened.

He said that every crisis from the Middle East, including Russia’s invasion of the Korean Peninsula and Ukraine, has hidden nuclear threats with ‘nuclear undertones’.

He said that there are currently around 13,000 nuclear weapons stockpiles in the world, while many countries are seeking a false security by spending billions of dollars on stockpiling deadly weapons, which have no place on our planet.

The Secretary General of the United Nations said that there is a danger that people are forgetting the lessons learned from the Second World War.

He said he will travel to Japan on August 6 to attend a commemoration ceremony in Hiroshima, where the US dropped the world’s first atomic bomb in an effort to end the war 77 years ago.

He urged the conference participants to take several steps to immediately implement and reaffirm the 77-year-old Convention against the Use of Nuclear Weapons.

António Guterres said to work tirelessly for the elimination of nuclear weapons, reiterate the commitment to eliminate stockpiles, promote the peaceful use of nuclear technology to end the growing tensions in the Middle East and Asia.

Addressing the ministers and diplomats, the UN Secretary General said that the future of the new generation depends a lot on your commitments and actions today, today we have the opportunity to face this fundamental test and nuclear destruction. Dispel the shadowy clouds forever.


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