Big blow to British PM, 4 close associates resigned

LONDON, Feb 04 (Alliance News): Four close associates, including Chief of Staff Boris Johnson, have resigned over controversy over partying during the Corona Lockdown.

According to British media, four close and trusted associates of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was severely criticized for partying in Corona Lockdown, have resigned.

Munira Mirza, the policy chief who has been working with the British Prime Minister for 14 years, has resigned over Boris Johnson’s statement regarding opposition leader Carrera Starmer.
The British Prime Minister’s Head of Policy Munira Mirza, Chief of Staff Dan Rosenfeld, Principal Private Secretary Martin Reynolds and Communications Director Jack Doyle.

All four close associates of Prime Minister Boris Johnson have resigned following an investigation report which revealed that the British Prime Minister had held several parties despite the Corona Lockdown sanctions.

The British prime minister is facing intense pressure and criticism for having parties at official residences during the Corona sanctions. Apart from the opposition, some leaders of his own Conservative Party are also demanding the resignation of Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson has also apologized in Parliament for holding parties
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